Complete Bookkeeping Services

At TEI Business Solutions Inc. we understand starting up and developing a business can be a challenge. That’s why our goal is to provide our client’s with all the day-to-day accounting services they would have if they had their own “in house” accounting department.

We create a quote based on the agreed upon scope of work, and rest assured we will honor that quote. Our client’s can contact us at any time without having to be concerned about being billed for each phone call or question.

We provide added value for an affordable price so you can focus on expanding your business.

Financial Statements

Monthly financial statements include a Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, Sales Income, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable reports.

Remittance for Payroll & GST

Government remittances are prepared in a timely manner, while ensuring all information is recorded accurately and concisely.

Job Costing / Class Coding

Improve your bottom line by tracking all expense and income as they pertain to specific jobs. Profit & Loss reports by job will be provided to you on a monthly basis.

Sorting & Filing of Receipts

We will gladly sort through all your shoe boxes of receipts and miscellaneous paperwork and set-up a filing system for you moving forward.

Accounts Payable

Provide you with an overview of all outstanding invoices owing to your suppliers, prioritize your payables on a timely basis, whether you are using  computerized or hand written cheques.

Accounts Receivable

Process invoices to you clients and provide you with monthly aged reports. We can also provide you assistance with your collection of overdue accounts.


Maintain your payroll records, issue pay cheques, Records of Employment and T4’s as required. Provide the Source Deductions that are due the 15th of the month following.

Petty Cash

To make sure none of your smaller expenses are missed, we will reconcile your petty cash.

Data Entry

Enter your data according to the accounting system that is in place for you business using Quickbooks or Simply Accounting / Sage.

Administrative Services

Do you need letters prepared? Maybe you have advertising that you need designed? Do you have forms that need redesigning? Perhaps you need spreadsheets designed? We are proficient with Microsoft office including word, excel, publisher and powerpoint.

Bank Reconciliations

Balance your bank accounts, credit card statements and lines of credit. All electronic transaction, transfer of funds between bank accounts, loans and bank service charge will be recorded.

Maintain Unit Files

Setup and maintain your unit files according to DOT regulations.

Comply Works

Setup and maintain your safety program on ComplyWorks.

Quickbooks Online

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