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Our Bookkeeping Roadmap To Starting With Us

Cloud Accounting Can Deliver Results For Your Business


Tell Us About Your Business

We want to make sure we are the best fit for your business so please fill out our short discovery questionnaire to help us to learn about you business. After reviewing the information you provided us.

We will then get in touch with you to book a complimentary meeting by either phone or Skype call. We have the ability to work with businesses across Canada since everything is online.


Let's Chat

We’ll connect and talk about your business and answer any questions you may have on how we do business. We’re aware that every business has different needs and challenges. So we will look into what is causing you the most stress and how to alleviate it.

We also want to learn about your dreams and goals, so we can best know how to help you achieve them. Here are some of the questions we will ask you.


Analyze Your Current Condition

We then will conduct a full analysis of the current state of your books, your accounting system, technologies and processes to help us determine the best ways to streamline your operations.


Transparent Pricing

We outline the value that we will bring to your business and have a open pricing discussion with you. We will quote you our flat fee before any work begins so you never get any surprises later. You’ll have a choice of 3 price plans to choose from to ensure they address all the important issues and see which you feel is best fit for your business.


Getting Started

Once you’ve found a package that works for you, we will get you set up with a get-started call where we will setup the systems, wrap up the admin and introduce you to the team!



This step is mainly for if you have chosen our cloud accounting systems and we need to get you setup with new software, apps and systems that best fit your requirements. We will also spend time with you making sure you have a comfortable grasp of the new tools you will be using. This is the bulk of what will be done during the setup/clean stage.


Getting Things Sorted

This can be the most time consuming part of the process but also the most satisfying and rewarding. We will go through your books and make sure that all reconciliations are complete through the end of the last completed month. We do this so when we begin your monthly bookkeeping we know everything is started out right.

Depending on where you are currently at, this can be just a couple of weeks or months or even a couple of years that need to be updated.

We have seen it all, so never feel shy or embarrassed to ask for help if you are behind. Your’e making the right move.



Here is where we begin the monthly bookkeeping services that we established in our earlier discussions. You are now setup with a new ‘Hassle Free‘ bookkeeping system designed to help you manage your business more effectively.

Let’s get started. Please complete this brief questionnaire to help us learn more about your business.

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