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Doug P
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Doug P

Hello, my name is Doug and I am the founder of TEI Business Solutions Inc. I am a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and offer bookkeeping and consulting services in Grande Prairie and surrounding area of Northern Alberta. I specialize in working with small to medium sized business owners by taking on their business bookkeeping duties to help them achieve financial clarity and allow them to focus on growing their business.

Prior to opening this business, I worked in the corporate environment for the majority of my career as a Manager / Bookkeeper in small to mid-sized businesses in a few different industries, of which I personally founded and owned 4 of them.

But I found myself wanting to work for myself once again, but no longer in the corporate environment. Being a tech savvy person, I decided to launch TEI Business Solutions Inc with one single principal in mind.

To provide value-based accounting services from a dedicated professional that you can trust.

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping applications like Quickbooks Online bring real time reporting to small business owners. This software and related applications will allow for automation to many of the tedious bookkeeping tasks but doesn’t replace the necessity for expert bookkeeping guidance. My goal is to relieve your stress and time consumption of your bookkeeping duties by me staying on top of your bookkeeping needs so that you have real-time data available for you when you need to make important decisions.

Privately, I am a amateur bodybuilder that enjoys the great outdoors and spending time with my wife and 2 teenage children. I look forward to working with you!

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About TEI Business Solutions Inc.

TEI Business Solutions Inc. specializes in cloud bookkeeping with the use of Quickbooks software, as well as on-site services in the Grande Prairie surrounding Peace Country area. We structure our services for your specific goals and needs based on your company’s size and industry. We will take care of all your data entry, journal entries, reconciliations, and generate an accurate P&L, Balance Sheet, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable reports for you each month.




How is our pricing is set?

After the initial one time Set Up/Clean Up/Catch Up fee that is determined based, which is based on the amount of data and time frame that needs to be caught up. I then work on monthly set fees that are value-priced based work on the volume of transactions and actual needs of the business. Our month-to-month service agreement is reviewed every 6 months by both parties to ensure satisfaction by all with the work performed and corresponding pricing.



My process for working with a Client?

I work remotely online from my fully equipped home office, but I am also available upon request to do visits to your place of business when required. Usually we start with a one hour long initial phone call where I try to identify all the needs of the client. At an onsite visit, I like to review the current condition of the books with the client. After this, I will send out a rough draft of all the aspects that we addressed in our meeting and typically within 24 hours a proposal will be sent. After the Client reviews this proposal and accepts and signs the agreement, then I will get started on their bookkeeping.



What types of Industries has TEI worked with?

My clients come from a wide array of industries such as manufacturing, oilfield services, construction, transportation, restaurant, and retail industries.



What advice would I give a client looking to hire a bookkeeper?

Good bookkeeping should not be just about knowing what you have done. It should also not about who can offer the lowest price (sometimes the lowest price will cost you HUGE later down the road to get your bookkeeping cleaned up by others). It should be about providing real-time information of where your business is currently at, and where it is going. I will work together with you to build a strategic budget and revenue forecast that aligns with your specific business. Then we will do comparisons of your actual results versus the budget. This information then can be used to enhance your company’s performance. Many Canadian small businesses focus their bookkeeping activities on taxation and compliance only. Being CRA compliant is obviously necessary, but it is also extremely important to allow for managerial accounting. By having the ability to access and analyze your real-time financial data in a way that allows you to make informed business decisions, can help you plan for growth.

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